For whom

The connected/platform is optimised for various sectors and is regularly extended with new products. The following sectors and products are/will be connected to our platform:

Entrance systems:

·      Fire doors

·      Shutters

·      Lifts

·      Escalators

·      Speed gates

·      Barriers

·      Sliding doors

·      Access gates

·      Turnstiles

·      Revolving doors

·      Access locks

·      Overhead doors

·      Stair lifts

·      Dock levellers

·      Retractable poles




·      Forklift truck

·      Bale presses

·      Compressors

·      Press containers

·      Ventilation systems

·      Cooling systems

·      Heating systems

·      (Lifting) cranes

·      Building lifts

·      Transformers

·      Lifting platforms

·      Pumps

·      Air conditioners

·      Shredders

·      Waste presses


Vending machines:

·      Coffee and tea

·      Snacks

·      Soft drinks

·      Tobacco products

·      Cool and freeze


Ways of working

We interface as much as possible on the existing controls of your products, such as a control box for example. We know that each product has a specific control with its own interface or service gate. We like to take on the challenge and create a proof-of-concept on your control. So we have the guarantee that the solution will work end-to-end and we will show you what the possibilities are. Please contact: Jan Wick Kranenburg to discuss the possibilities.