What we do

We provide the total solution to make maintenance of your products predictable. Our connected/platform and related hardware can be integrated in your products, processes and CRM-systems, easily, quickly and cost effective.


We connect

We will support you with the connection of your products to the internet. We will provide electronics and network connectivity. Your data will be send and received by our platform, secure and cost effective. 


We collect

All of your connected products in the field will send their user information to the platform on a regular basis. We call this 'Big data'. We prepare the data for various analysis. 


We analyse

From the analysis of the date we can generate predictable values. Therefore, we can determine when preventive maintenance should take place and which moments are most suitable for your client. In addition, we use the analysed data for the innovation of your products. We are able to measure at which points and under which circumstances your products will function more optimal. 


We monitor
& control

Because the product is ‘connected’ we will be alarmed immediately if a product has a malfunction. Therefore, we can inform your service organisation and the actual end-user. From a distance we can see which action and parts are required to solve the malfunction. Plus products can be initialised and controlled remotely. 


We display
& share

By using a website and various mobile apps (Android and iOS) we provide a full and graphic insight in the performance and analysis of your products. With the use of various notification tools such as emails and mobile push notification we can immediately inform you and your customers. 


We do

We support you with the innovation and further development of your products and/or services. You are not a customer, but our partner. We listen and translate your requirements into new functionalities within our platform.